Our innovations

Scinnova Azores Lda. proposes several innovations that can be used in:

  • agriculture (modified by know-how zeolite, agridrones, electro impulse processing of the soil);
  • industry (modified zeolite, modified basalt fibre-based materials, fibre “LONA”);
  • ecology (drinking water purification and treatment, cleaning of circulating water and lakes, purification of water surface from oil contamination by modified basalt mats);
  • waste management (pyrolysis of waste & tires);
  • energy saving (economical automated electric water heating system, LED technologies);
  • medicine and veterinary (original complex preparation izatizon);
  • etc.


1. Modified zeolite (in industry and agriculture)

a) Can be used in the production of building materials (plastering with zeolite mixtures allow substantial increasing of the resistance against humidity and antibacterial properties. It means that application of such cements and plastering mixtures filled with our zeolites will substantially decrease the time interval between repairs of the buildings.

       b) Can be used in Agriculture

  • increases the productivity of plants
  • improves the quality of plant production
  • increases the effectiveness in the fertilizer usage due to the prolongation of their action
  • improves the mechanical composition of soil on heavy (clay) ground
  • reduces the toxicity of soil due to the suppression of the development of phytopathogenic organisms and decrease of the mobility
  • regenerates soils – increase and the restoration of fertility, the stabilization of the soil absorbing complex
  • due to the effective gas absorption (ammonia, methane) by zeolite, it can be used also as a component of bedding in the farms for animals and birds
  • as a valuable organic-mineral fertilizer
  • gets rid off animal odour
  • transports medicine to animal organism (zeolite can be filled with medicine for the purpose of the prolongation of their action in the organism of animal).

2. Drinking water treatment (technology based on ozonation, silvering and saturation by Silicon). This biosafe environment friendly technology provides deep and effective cleaning and decontaminating of water, while keeping all its useful minerals and trace elements, giving the water a “natural spring” taste and having healing properties that is not available when using the other methods.

It can be used also for

  • cleaning of circulating water in swimming pools
  • sterilizing surfaces and equipment for food industry
  • finishing ozonation when filling water, juices and other beverages
  • improving the efficiency and performance of wastewater treatment facilities, etc.

3. Pyrolysis of waste & tires. By utilization of wastes and tires in ecologically clean way, it gives:

  • producing the high-quality charcoal demanded by tire industry
  • heating the apartments during winter time or using heat for other purposes, e.g. electricity production. The combustion facility keeps all hot gases and is highly economic, therefore even using waste one can supply houses with heat or produce electricity.

4. Modified basalt fiber-based materials for purification of water surface from oil contamination. Oil capacity in cleaning material is 15-20 kg/kg. Multifold regeneration is possible. Oil products collected by sorption are available for use. Also such fibre can be used as fire-protecting cloth and materials (e.g., curtains), as a highly effective heat and sound isolation for buildings.

5. Economical automated electric water heating system. The device can be used for heating water to use for any needs and for building heating system. The know-how electrode heating element guarantees fast and cheap heating of hotels, houses, etc.

6. Light sources based on LED technologies. Energy saving of up to 10 times can be obtained. They are on the level of the best similar products being in some parameters more effective and cheaper.

7. Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiphlogistic and immune correcting preparation Izatizon that can be used in medicine and veterinary. Izatizon is recommended for the treatment of

  • mass viral and infectious diseases (including AIDS);
  • virus hepatitis A, B, C;
  • acute diseases of upper airways (rhinitis, bronchitis, etc.);
  • lungs, bones and genitals tuberculosis;
  • oral cavity diseases (glossitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis, parodontosis);
  • diseases of skin, glands and mucous tunic;
  • urological and gynaecological diseases;
  • diseases of cavities, joints (e.g. arthritis);
  • cerebral affections (e.g. meningitis);
  • pretumour and tumour diseases;
  • neuritis and neuralgias, myesities;
  • allergic skin diseases (eczema, etc.);
  • diseases of ENT organs (otitis, nose polypus, etc.);
  • etc.

8. System of electromagnetic water pipes treatment. It is intended to prevent and protect the inner surfaces of pipelines, compressors, vacuum pumps, water heaters and heating equipment (heat exchangers, boilers, radiators, etc.), steam generators, central heating systems and water supply, as well as washing machines and dishwashers, refrigeration and other equipment against deposits of lime scale and mineral salts.

9. Electro impulse processing of soil. Changing parameters of the electro hydraulic (EH) shock action on soil gives possibility to change the properties of this soil. It enriches it and kills the harmful bacteria. Afterwards the soil becomes homogeneous and rich with different valuable salts, especially nitrogen. As a result the productivity of different vegetables grows up to 220%.

10. Heliogreenhouse “Solar Vegetarium”green house of a new type, with power autonomy (including economical additional supply of light); use biohumus with relic microbiological structure; application of micropowerful automatics for regulation of air parameters, additional supply of light, insolation and a microclimate; transition to closed ecosystem; use of open heating ground (due to surpluses of helioheat) during 9 months per year for gathering of 3 crops a year. It will provide the all-weather cost price of high-quality vegetables at a rate of 0.2 euro/ kg.

11. Drones for application in agriculture, monitoring area, etc. Drones are proposed to be used for the treatment of crops, areas monitoring, obtaining of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data, orthomosaics, etc.

12. Inorganic fibres on the basis of the innovative technology. The fibre “LONA”, created by the unique technology based on continuous fibre production according to the novel chemical receipt, and being cheaper and having better characteristics than analogues, is proposed for the production as an inorganic fibre with high physicochemical properties.

13. Compact powerful wind generators that produce 2-40 times more energy than an average house consumes. The excess of energy can be sold back into electric lines. They are cheaper than other energy sources. Such wind generator produces 23-348 times more energy than average solar panel and is ca. 23 times cheaper than solar panels producing the same amount of energy.

14. Biogas and fertilizers production from manure. We propose a profitable manure disposal systems for the production of biogas and fertilizers for farmers